This website is in loving memory to my late nan; Eveline who I miss so much every day.

We named our dog Eve after my nan and as she is a Rough Collie the name of the website EVERCOLLIE is simply EveRoughCollie shortened.




My prior website was more about going out and about but in October 2011 I was hospitalised with a Prolapsed Disc in my back and 12 months on I am getting better but it is a very slow progress.  I still cannot drive.  I am able to do short distances with one stick but cannot take Eve out for our normal walkies at this time.  Physio is helping and I have taught myself to knit, crochet,card making, sewing, clay making, clay crochet hooks and so this all keeps me busy on long painful days and I enjoy the results.


I want to say a HUGE thankyou to my husband, sons and parents for all that they have done for me and remain doing and for their never ending support and times of helping me feel better when I cry on the phone when having a painful or simply frustrating day.  I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!


I am a happily married mum to two teenage boys and a Rough Collie called Eve.  We all live in Worthing, West Sussex, England just a five minute walk away from the pebbly/sandy beach.

We are never more than 15 minutes walk from doctor surgery, hospital and town centre so we have all amenities locally.  Our local train station is 3 minute walk away as are the bus stops which take you to the local supermarkets and other towns/villages.



Brighton is about 10 miles away and to the east of Worthing and as a local it is somewhere that we avoid most of the time as it is ALWAYS so busy.  My husband works in the centre of Brighton and he has to deal with the tourists and vast amount of people that live in the city on a daily basis.  As a tourist it has lots to offer and if you like shopping then this is the place to visit, just be prepared…it is like a Mini London!!

Though we live near Brighton I had not been on the pier for years so we ventured on it in Dave’s lunch hour last summer and had a giggle and then a shop before heading up the hill to the train station.

Me and hubby...

Craig and Dave...


View from Brighton Pier




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